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6 Signs That Your Home Will Have A Good Resale Value

Every homeowner wonders if their house will have a good resale value versus other homes in the neighborhood. There are a few ways to know if your home is going to stand out or it's going to be a struggle to get your money back.

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  • A good neighborhood - If your neighborhood is on the rise, there's a great chance that it will bring your home with it. A good neighborhood is one where there are new families moving, people working on older houses, and a general improvement of the area. One important part of this is that your street needs to be quiet. The perfect house is about one or two blocks from the trendy area that has cafes, restaurants, and classy bars. It's easy to get to the fun and easy to stay away from it.
  • Good schools - Even if the prospective homebuyers don't have children, good schools mean decent kids. Good schools indicate that the community takes care of its young ones. Those neighborhoods are family-oriented are more likely to retain their value over time.
  • Good light - Dark homes are off-putting. A bright and airy home is a great place for living. If your house has a lot of light, it's going to command a higher price than if it's like walking into a cave. A warm sun in a room is welcoming and inviting.
  • Good bones - A house with good bones is a great thing. In fact, it's about more than the just the bones. It's also about the systems, like the heating and air conditioning. Look at things like the foundation, the roof, and more. People want to know that they can buy a house and not have to replace major systems or do high priced repairs in the first five or ten years.
  • Good floor plan - A floor plan that is conducive to families will sell really quickly. One with bedrooms in the right places, not a lot of stairs to fall down on. Mostly, parents love to have a way to get the kids outside easily with a sliding glass door, etc.
  • Exclusivity - Even though a lot of people dislike homeowners' associations, we all love the peace of mind they give us. A community where the residents are active make it a lot easier to keep control over the neighborhood.

There are no guarantees, but on most buyers' lists are these things. If you have these things, or can put them into your home, you can rest easy that your house will sell for pretty good money.

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