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A Lawn In The Desert May Not Be A Great Idea

Low maintenance landscaping might be the way to go if you're looking to save money on your water bill and have less hassle all year long.

Perhaps this will come as news to anyone reading a blog that's about Las Vegas real estate, but this is a city in a desert. No, really! It's true. Las Vegas is in the desert.

That means that water is scarce and rain is rare as hen's teeth.

Lawn In The Desert May Not Be A Great Idea

Here are some low-maintenance lawn ideas that use less water and require a lot less effort than having a traditional green lawn.

1. Local plants - The plants that originate in the area have evolved to withstand the weather, hot days, cold nights, long periods without rain, then sudden deluges. These plants are perfect for your yard because they know how to live here. We all want flowers and a green lawn, but there are some amazingly beautiful native plants that will grow with little or no work on your part.

2. Be drought-resistant - Put out some rocks and some cacti and succulents and you have a gorgeous yard that won't be asking for water every night. Some of the most beautiful yards in the area require very little water or even care. They are made with plants that are drought-resistant will naturally stay alive and vibrant no matter what Las Vegas' weather throws at them.

3. Astroturf - How about artificial grass? Of course, it doesn't have to be the original Astroturf. There are lots of artificial grasses on the market today that are comfortable to walk on and look great year after year. You never have to cut it and you never have to water it. With the Raiders coming to town, you'll have more time for football with less to do on the lawn.

4. Living spaces - Your lawn doesn't have to be a big green expanse. Put in patios, decks, seating areas, and more. Turn your yard into a place where you can live instead of simply look out and admiring the thing you have to water and cut all the time. Setting up living spaces can be a great way to use the yard you have for things that will bring people closer together.

5. Contrasting colors - One way to add drama to a yard is to use contrasting colors. White rocks and black railroad ties. Green cacti and brown rocks. By using color, you can draw the attention away from the fact that you have no grass and to the fact that you created a great yard.

6. Rock and mulch - Ground covers are a great way to handle your yard. Mulch will keep the moisture in the ground. If you have trees or flowers, mulch will let you use much less water to keep them healthy. Rocks and gravel are a great way to accent your yard. They can be large rocks to add texture or small river rocks to walk on. Boulders are an awesome way to decorate and they never need water or fertilizer.

A creative, cared-for yard doesn't have to be Kentucky Bluegrass. It can be local, native plants, stones, and boulders, all designed to make your home even more beautiful and, bonus, more water efficient.

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