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Henderson, Nevada - The Quiet Mover and Shaker

Henderson, Nevada, is often overshadowed by its shiny neighbor, Las Vegas. Where Vegas has all the flashy casinos and headline entertainment, Henderson has building a massive economy that rivals many much larger cities.

With a population of 302,000, Henderson is a medium-sized city, but 2018, under the guidance of Mayor Debra March, has seen two major developments, the arrival of the Raiders headquarters and the construction of a Google data center.

The Raiders headquarters will bring hundreds of jobs ranging from executives to support staff. The project is expected to deliver over $14 million in property taxes in the next 3 decades.

Google only has 14 data centers around the world, including Henderson. They are rare and expensive; Google will be investing $600 million in the data center here in Henderson. This project is worth $94 million in tax revenues in the next 30 years and will create over 200 jobs.

data center

What does all this change mean for Henderson?

The most important thing that this type of growth means to a city the size of Henderson is a stable local tax base. Those taxes pay for schools, roads, and infrastructure for decades to come.

For homeowners, it also means that homes will retain their value for decades to come. A large and stable employment base is at the heart of home values. The presence of Google and the Raiders will make Henderson a desirable place to own a home (and sell one) for a generation or more.

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