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I Wish I Knew That Before I Bought a House

Every major endeavor in one's life has its own learning curve. Buying a home is one of the biggest events in any life.

Most homebuyers talk about things they wish they knew before they bought their first home. We've gathered a number of these things and put them here so that you don't regret not knowing some things.

Every home has problems

No matter how perfect the house looks, it has its own issues and quirks. This applies whether the house is 100 years old or brand new.

Have a complete home inspection done. Be ready for problems. Do not sign the final paperwork until you've gone through every inch of the home inspection. If there is anything that will take time or money, negotiate it off the price.

Be on-time

Every home buying process has its own deadlines. From the time to finish inspections to the day you're going to deliver a piece of paperwork, be on-time. If you're not, the seller can use it as an excuse to cancel the sale and sell to someone who might offer them more money.

Keep a calendar of dates and times. Use it to guide everything you do. Be sure that things like email addresses, phone numbers, mailing address and more are handy. That way, you're not hunting down the email address of the mortgage broker at 4:58 pm when you need to get a document to them.

Get out in the world

These days people spend a lot of time surfing and look at homes online. That's fine, but you need to get out and look at houses to know what you really like.

Nothing on a computer screen, even the latest technology, can give you a sense of what a home feels like. Are the floors solid? Does the house smell funny? Do you like the texture of the walls? All of that can't be had from a video.

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Stay cool

You are likely to lose a house that you really wanted. In fact, it's likely to happen over and over again. Remember that as long as you're trying for a home, you have chance of getting it. There's a decent chance that there's another contract out there somewhere and you'll be competing with it.

Like your lender

You're going to be spending a lot of time with your lender. In fact, you might be attached to them for 30 years. Make sure that you like your mortgage broker and that your loan company is a group of people who at least seem to care.

If you get a bad vibe from a lender, online or in person, walk away. It will save you a lot of pain to follow your instincts.

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