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Keep Your House Looking Great

Even if you're not ready to sell, it's always nice to have a home that looks great.

Every spring, we head out into the yard and start to reclaim what winter has changed.

Here are a few ways to make your home look great, save some water, and have a house that's ready to resell at any time.

  • Mow on a schedule - If you have a lawn, don't mow it too short or let it grow too long. Either way, you take a chance at damaging the lawn. Too short and it can dry out easily. Too long and when you do cut it, it can be damaged by the sun and heat because the lower parts of the grass aren't meant to be exposed to the heat.
  • Water on a schedule - Be sure to check the Las Vegas Valley Water District's seasonal watering schedules. Set your irrigation system on a schedule that it waters at night. The water will have a chance to soak into the ground and feed the roots. If you're hand-watering, you should do it in the evening after the sun has set. No matter what you do, water regularly. Once the soil has gotten very dry, it will let the water run off rather than in. You'll be washing the gutters rather than watering your yard.
  • Control the pests now - Those little pests eat the roots and leaves of your grass and plants. If you control the pests now, it'll help prevent them from hatching eggs, causing more pests to grow and cause problems for your plants.
  • Get your lawn tools now - Father's Day usually has the lowest prices of the season for mowers, trimmers, and other lawn equipment. Shop around and compare prices. You can probably find the same equipment on sale in different places and take advantage of the large companies' low price guarantees.


Even if you aren't selling your home right now, there's a decent chance you will in the next few years. A bit of maintenance now will save you from having problems later.

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