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Las Vegas Is Among The Top Cities For A Fresh Start

The website recently conducted a survey asking people which US cities are the best to get a fresh start in.

Las Vegas came in on the list at number 8. The city was by far the largest city on the list at nearly twice the size of number 1, Cleveland, Ohio.

The tagline given to Las Vegas was, "Move here if you want to… defy expectations."

Las Vegas has always been a city to go to disappear your old self and become someone new. Millions of people have found a new name and a new life at the city limits.

Today's Las Vegas, as points out, "is a multifaceted city with much more to offer people from all walks of life."

"While most people define Vegas by the bright lights and craziness of the Strip, living here can be a surprisingly … wholesome experience. With tight-knit neighborhoods, tons of outdoor activities and a great food scene, living in Las Vegas defies all expectations."

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The median home price is under $300,000 in Las Vegas as compared to nearby California where the median home price in much of the southern part of the state exceeds $1 million.

Las Vegas is more than bright lights and headline shows. It's a city filled with everything a person needs to start again with a great job, a great home, and a wonderful community.

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