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Rules For Sellers

There are some unwritten rules of selling a house that your real estate agent won't (or can't) tell you that you need to know.

These are simple rules that will let you sell your house faster and with a lot less emotional hassle.

1. Low offers aren't insults - Your home means a lot to you. That's great, but someone looking at it to buy might not value it as highly as you do. Also, many buyers will aim low knowing that there will be negotiation and they want room to move to your price. It's not personal and it's always best to keep the emotion out of it. Selling your home is, ultimately, a business transaction and it will be best to approach it that way.

2. Your home needs repairs - If your listing agent tells you that your home needs to have a few repairs done, it's not meant to put you on the spot or hurt your feelings. It's meant to help you sell your house. An agent can see things about your home that you can't. When they tell you that you need to do something to help sell your house faster, they're doing it for your best interest, not to tell you that your house is somehow bad or inadequate.

3. Take your time - There is no need to respond to offers instantly. Buyers are willing to wait. They might be impatient, but you need to take time to think clearly about what you want and need from a sale. There's nothing wrong with sleeping on it or simply waiting for a couple of days and talking it over.

Rules For Sellers

4. Leave the house - Stay out of the way when buyers are coming by or for the home inspection. There is nothing that you should say during these events. Either leave the house or simply stay out on the patio so the buyer can talk to their agent without you there. It's always better to simply be out of the house.

5. Be reasonable - If you get an offer that requests a minor repairs, consider doing it or offering a little bit of money so the buyer can fix it themselves. It might seem petty to you to have to do something that someone else can do, but the buyer wants and/or needs it to complete the sale. You don't want to lose an otherwise good sale simply because you're being stubborn.

6. Fix it (maybe) - When the home inspection & appraisal come back, there might be things that need to be done to the house. Things that need to be fixed in order for the loan to fund are important. The buyer may not care too much about it, but the bank does. With other items, you may be able to credit back a little bit of money so the buyer can fix it themselves. Crediting money is faster than repairs, and the buyer can do it however they wish to.

These are the unwritten rules of being a seller. Often, your agent won't tell them to you this plainly simply because they don't want to upset you.

Knowing these rules, you can save yourself a lot of time and probably sell your house faster and for more money.

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