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Selling Your House In The "Off-Season"

For the creative home seller, there is no off-season, but fall and winter are notoriously slow times for selling homes. Homes have a less romantic appeal when there are no leaves on the trees and no flowers in the beds of dirt. Buyers have the holidays and other events planned which distract from home buying.

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There are things you can do to make your home more appealing this autumn and winter.

  • Decorate for the season - You can use Halloween, fall, and Christmas as themes that can brighten your home in the gloom of winter. A splash of color will make the house stand out on the street.
  • Paint the front door - Red is typical, but blue, green, or even a bright yellow will draw the eye like a beacon. Even someone who doesn't like the color will be drawn to the bright door in the cold twilight of winter.
  • Insulate the attic - Most heat is lost through the attic of the house. Insulating the attic can reduce drafts.
  • Look for air leaks - The cold is when you notice drafts most. Look for places where the winter is getting into the house. Use caulk, insulation, and other winterizing tools to make the house warmer.
  • Put a fire pit in the backyard - Winter is a great time to showcase the fun of a warm fire. A nice fire pit, even one of those portable metal ones, is a great way to make the backyard feel less like a winter waste and more like a great place to sit and enjoy the fire.
  • Clean the yard - Leaves, branches, and other stuff can kill the lawn and the curb appeal of your home. Clean it up so that potential buyers can see how nice your house looks all year long.
  • Let light in - Trade out those killer blackout curtains for lighter, sheer curtains that let in as much light as possible. Lift the blinds and open rooms. Even putting light colored blankets and throw pillows on dark furniture can make a room feel much lighter.

It's not hard to sell your home in the fall and winter. The only thing you need to know is that you should put your best face forward. There's a lot less competition out there, so you might even have a better chance of selling the house.

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