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Six Simple Smart Home Additions

Smart homes are "the thing" these days. Many people want to enter the smart home market, but it can feel like a massively complex and expensive thing to get it done.

Here are six simple, inexpensive ways to make your house a bit smarter:

Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Homepod are the most common voice assistants around.

Video doorbell - The most popular smart item is the video doorbell thanks to the massive advertising of one company. Installing a video doorbell can be just as easy as sticking one on the outside of the house and linking it to your modem. Most don't even require any wires. It will then link to an app on your smartphone.

Smart thermostat - Smart thermostats are also similar. Using the existing wiring to your thermostats, you can get a device that links to a smartphone app and allows you to control all kinds of actions. Control heat and air conditioning remotely, schedule temperature changes, and much more. These devices can save a lot of money in heating and air conditioning by allowing you to have more control than ever before.

Smart outlets - There are smart and wi-fi enabled outlets that can be plugged into the wall and then controlled by your phone. This allows you to turn lights and devices on and off easily. It can save electricity by turning off ready lights, turning lights on and off to prevent crime, and much more.

Lights - Lights are one of the most wasteful items in your home, usually because people forget to turn them off. New smart devices will turn lights on and off on a schedule and will allow you to control the lights in the house. In the end, this can keep burglars away and save a lot of money in electricity.

Voice assistant - "Hey, Google." "Alexa,..." We've started down the road of having robots in our homes with voice assistants that can do many things that we used to have to get out of our chairs to do. They can make phone calls, control lighting, put certain TV shows on, and order pizza. This is the future and connecting these devices to our lives has gotten easier and easier.

TV - Our televisions no longer simply show us programs; they can help us surf the Internet, make video calls to family, and help us find that obscure 1970s movie we've been thinking about. You can use your smart TV to take college courses, watch cat videos on YouTube, and much more. Every year, our TVs get more complex and are rapidly becoming the center of the house's smart systems.

A smart home isn't a struggle. All you need to do is choose the parts of the house that you want to control. Most of these devices require no wiring and can be installed in minutes.

Make your home smarter, live better, and even save money.

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