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Trends In Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most important and effective ways to update a home and increase the resale value. Every year, new trends in kitchen design are seen, but the trends that appear to be dominant in 2019 are timeless and will add value to homes for generations.

Trends In Kitchen Remodels

  • Quartz and white countertops - Engineered countertops made from quartz and composite materials are overtaking granite. They are less expensive and more variety for the consumer.
  • Mixed finishes - Mixing metal finishes has become increasingly popular. Nickel and oil-rubbed bronze fittings are commonly mixed in kitchens.
  • Engineered flooring - Natural hardwoods have become less common as engineered floors are becoming the floors of preference. They tend to require less upkeep and allow some consumers to avoid the use of rare or exotic woods.
  • High-tech - Everything from high-tech faucets to talking refrigerators are becoming common in kitchen upgrades. These items are even being integrated with the home system so the whole house can be controlled from a single location.
  • Appliance finishes - Stainless steel is still very popular, but black stainless is quickly becoming a preferred finish. Its dramatic look, with the durability of stainless steel makes it an excellent choice.
  • Gray cabinets - Strange as it seems, 11 percent all kitchen upgrades include a change to gray cabinets. While the classic white cabinets are still the most popular, gray is catching up. These are matched with satin or brushed nickel door hardware.

Today's upgrades are classic and dramatic. These styles will be the preferred look for a generation or more.

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