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When House Hunting, Don't Forget About Your Dog

Your dog is your best friend, your constant companion, and the family burglar alarm. They're also a major factor to consider when buying a home.

Here's a brief list of things to consider when buying a house as a dog owner:

1. A yard - Clearly, a yard is a huge consideration. Having a decent-sized yard for your dog to run is one of the major reasons for being a homeowner with a dog. A yard with a fence is even better, letting you relax a bit when the dog is outside.

2. Nearby open space - Having a dog park that's even bigger than your yard where your dog can socialize is another important thing to look for when buying a house. It can be a lot of fun for dog and owner to be able to pack up and head to a park whenever the mood strikes. It's even better when it's within walking distance.

3. A bathtub - A shower or a hot tub can seem like a wonderful idea, but you're going to need a bathtub for those dirty outings.

4. Cool surfaces - Hardwood, vinyl, and tile are important for a dog. In the heat of summer, your dog will need some place to stretch out where they can cool off and relax. You can still look for a house with carpeting, but having a variety of surfaces is important for your dog to regulate their body temperature.

5. Open space in the house - Dogs need to move about a lot. Having a large dog in a tiny space is a great way to get a really fidgety dog. Make sure they have plenty of space in the house as well as out. Look for a house with a large living room and even long hallways.

Every dog, like every homeowner, is an individual. What your dog needs might be different from the list. There might be things that aren't covered here that your dog needs.

Buying a home with a dog in mind is easy. Dogs love space and room to call their own. These guidelines can help make it easier to be your dog's human.

Buying Las Vegas real estate with your dog in mind

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