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Which Room Should You Stage

Home staging is the art of designing a home to sell. It’s usually done by an interior designer who has studied the most effective way to make a house look great for potential buyers.

So what is the one room you should stage if you only stage one room? The living room.

Why the living room? Often, the living room is closest to the entrance. It’s also usually the largest room in the house. This is the place to set the stage for visitors and potential buyers.

Which Room Should You Stage

How should you stage the living room?

1. Open up the space - Take some furniture out and make the room feel larger. Often, you have too much crammed into that room. Open the room up and make it a lot easier to walk around - even if you think your furniture is a perfect fit.

2. Use neutral colors - Keeping the color scheme neutral will help to give the buyer a palette that they paint their own ideas onto. This can allow them to fantasize about their own colors and furniture in that space.

3. Be impersonal - Take out family photos and other things that are very personal. If you have art that might be considered risqué or controversial, it should come out as well.

4. Make a focal point in the room - If there’s a natural focal point, like a fireplace or an entertainment center, make it the focal point of all the furniture. Everything in the room should draw your eye that direction.

5. Accessorize well - Using throw pillows and lap blankets, you can give the room a photographic feel. Just focus and don’t go crazy, but those throw pillows that no one really uses can make a room look fabulous.

6. Make minor repairs - If there are nail holes and other spots on the walls that can be repaired, do that. It will only take a few minutes and you can paint over those spots, reducing the “lived in” look.

7. Throw rugs for accent - Using throw rugs to add color and style to a room, especially of the carpeting is drab, can be great and inexpensive. Look for a neutral pattern that complements the furniture.

8. Clean the windows - The fastest way to make a house look great is to clean the windows. Sparkling windows are a great way to let in more light and make everything much prettier in the living room.

Staging just your living room (and, of course, cleaning the house) will take you a long way to selling your house quickly.

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