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Why Your Home Isn't Selling

If your home isn't selling quickly, you might be frustrated and looking for answers. You might have some issues particular to your house, like a toxic waste dump in the backyard, but the likelihood is that it's one of these reasons.

Your asking too much - You might think your house is the Taj Mahal, but in reality, it's just a house to everyone else. It's not a matter of how much it's worth to you; it's about how much it's worth to other people.

You have a bad listing - If the listing for your house is badly written, doesn't tell the whole story, or is simply confusing, it won't attract buyers and you're stuck there.

You hang around during showings - Seriously, go away. People feel like their putting you out of your house, especially if you speak of it fondly. Leave, if you want to sell.

Your home isn't cleaned - Hire someone to deep clean your house. It will help. What you think is clean is likely not enough for others.

You're really attached to the price - If you aren't willing to negotiate, you're going to lose. People want to feel they got a bargain on the biggest purchase of their lives.

Why Your Home Is Not Selling

You left your stuff up - Pictures of your children, personal mementos, all of these things tell the people visiting the house that you're not really leaving.

Your agent is bad - An agent who stops by once to sign a contract and never comes back is not the right person. If you aren't seeing at least some traffic, get a new agent.

Your house is rundown - If the roof is gone and the foundation is crumbling, you might be there a while.

Your house is cluttered - If your home looks like a hoarder's place, you'll never be able to sell. People are nervous about a lot of stuff simply because all that stuff might be hiding serious flaws.

You made it yours - If you put an observatory for your telescope in the bedroom, you'll have a hard time selling the house. Some improvements are too personal to sell to others.

You didn't look outside - If the lawn is a mess, the trees need to be trimmed, and there's a lot of broken playground equipment all over, people won't want to stop by.

Make sure that you've prepared your house and your mind for selling. If you haven't, people can tell and won't buy your house.

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