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You Always Hear 'Sell Your Home In Spring'

"Sell your home in spring." It's advice that sellers hear almost every year.

There are good reasons for this. Here they are:

  • Buyers are shopping. Families that are considering a move to a new community will start looking in spring. This lets them find a home that they can move into during summer break. It's also the time of year when change is the air and the world feels a bit sunnier and more optimistic, leading buyers to head out and go house shopping.
  • There are less houses on the market now. This housing recovery has seen too few new houses on the market. While more houses have been placed on the market in the last month or so, the supply is still too low for a six-month's worth of buyers. This crunch has also caused other homeowners to hesitate listing their homes out of fear that they won't find a home to live in.
  • Home sales are faster and easier than ever. If it's been 20 or 30 years since you bought your home, the process is faster than it's ever been. Most home buyers are pre-qualified for mortgages and closings are faster than they've ever been.
  • There are more homes in the high price ranges. If you're moving up into a larger or more luxurious home, now is the time to make that move. The inventory of more expensive homes is much larger than mid-priced houses. If you're leaving a mid-priced house, the demand for your home will be massive and the competition for a larger home will be smaller.
  • Spring is your time to make a life change as well. Most of us will feel an itch to make some changes in the spring. With a great economy, business running strong, and some excellent homes on the market to step up into.


Springtime is a time when everything seems a lot brighter and more exciting. Selling your home and moving into a new home is always nicer when the weather is warming up and flowers are blooming.

Start selling your home today and discover the excitement that spring brings.

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