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A New $400 Million Development Is Coming To Las Vegas

The new $400 million development will include apartments, retail, and office space for businesses. A newly arrived business can have its staff living right within walking distance. Most of what those employees need to live, like cafes and grocery stores, will be located within the development.

"I think that this will be one of the finest representations of retail off the Las Vegas strip," Vice President of Development at Matter Real Estate Group Tom van Betten told Fox5 Las Vegas. "By creating a workplace that integrates all these retail services, directly supporting the office tenants is something that is in Las Vegas, but not at this scale."

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Matter Real Estate had looked at several cities before opting to purchase the 400-acre property off of Durango Drive and the 215. The goal of the project is to bring more business and more new residents to the city.

The anchor to the development will be a 150,000 square foot office space with restaurants, retail, and 875 apartment units.

"Imagine this type of day: an employee comes in, has a yoga or spin class, then maybe a craft coffee, goes to the office, has a great brainstorm session, a business lunch at the artisan food hall, back to the office then has a social gathering, before walking home to your luxury apartment," van Betten said.

Already the developers are speaking to potential commercial residents although they wouldn't reveal the names of the firms.

The project will bring new residents to the city as well as a massive new selection of apartments to add to the Las Vegas inventory.

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