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An Update On The Big Building Projects

Some of Las Vegas’ biggest building projects have seen some big delays.

Here is a brief list of some projects and their status:

Treehouse Las Vegas - This dining and entertainment complex was supposed to have opened a couple of months ago. Right now, there is no defined opening date. As of April 2019, the frame of the building is still visible and construction has stopped. The project was projected at $7.1 million and is already being marketed as a retail location.

Raiders Stadium - This 65,000 seat stadium will be a tall order in the next year. 14,000 parking spaces need to be added around the stadium which is presently just a skeleton waiting to be completed. The franchise is also supposed to upgrade roads and streets to make access to the stadium easier. Construction is continuing at a breakneck pace and the project appears to be on schedule.

Kind Heaven - A $100 million, 100,000 square foot Asian-themed attraction at the Linq Promenade was supposed to open in August 2019. That date has been pushed back to August 2020.


The Bend - This project features a five-story office building, multiple restaurants, and a 12-screen movie theater is significantly behind schedule. Announced in 2017, it was supposed to open in 2019. Right now, there are no signs of activity and they haven’t even broken ground.

Shanghai Plaza - This retail center in Vegas’ Chinatown area opened last year. Retailers are already doing business and the 80,000 square foot facility is 81% leased. Construction was completed in November and the facility appears to be one of Las Vegas’ nicer retail locations.

There are projects all over the city that keep moving forward, and a few that have stalled. Overall, the city is experiencing a well-tempered boom that is keeping home and office prices up and avoiding unnecessary gluts in supplies.

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