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Google Breaks Ground On New Data Center

Warm Springs Road in Henderson is the new home to a new $600 million Google data center. The 750,000 square foot facility was purchased and developed in a stealth project by the international data storage provider and search engine.

The City of Henderson signed a confidentiality agreement during the purchase and development project. All of the paperwork was handled by Jasmine Development, a Delaware company. While rumors circulated that it was Google buying and developing the property, nothing was confirmed until the Governor's Office of Economic Development approved $25.2 million in tax incentives in November.

Former Governor Sandoval approved the tax incentives. His replacement, Democratic Governor Sisolak kept the state's word and didn't question the incentives.

Google posted profits of $30.7 billion last year and has a stock valuation over $750 billion.

The facility is expected to employ 50 people with an average salary of $65,000 per year. Google's head of data center public policy and community development for the Americas, Andrew Silvestri, said that he expects the total number of employees to increase over the years as more capability is added to the data center.

Google Breaks Ground On New Data Center

When asked in an interview by the Las Vegas Review-Journal why the secrecy in the development, Silvestri said that the company operated in accordance with industry standards and state and local laws.

Data centers are an essential part of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other internet companies' infrastructure. While these companies often receive incentives to locate their data centers in a particular state, the location of centers is often determined by demand and, in reality, can only vary by a few miles.

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