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Lake Las Vegas Feeling More Like Home

As new home growth continues to pick up across the valley, one of the more luxurious communities in the Las Vegas metropolitan area is feeling it in both business and new home growth.

Although Lake Las Vegas is one of the more isolated communities in the valley, the Henderson community is well known for some of the gorgeous homes that reside there. The new homes under construction in Lake Las Vegas currently go up to 5,000 square feet. Current residents and future residents of Lake Las Vegas now have something else to look forward to, besides the Lake, and that is the first Grocery store to call Lake Las Vegas home.

Residents of the community have become accustomed to traveling a bit down the road for their regular shopping, but now that Lake Las Vegas has seen Season's Market open, there is a newfound convenience for the residents. Combining Season's Market with activities in the Las Vegas area only found at Lake Las Vegas (including being able to fly up into the air while out on the water) is only further incentive to call Lake Las Vegas home.

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