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North Las Vegas' Newest Approved Community

Las Vegas has been an innovative town since its inception, with architecture and culture unlike anywhere else in the world.

In mid-April, the North Las Vegas City Council started on the path to bring a new housing development to a vacant lot near the corner of Deer Springs Way and Losee Road. The new development, built on 85 acres, will include almost 1,200 homes with single-family homes, duplexes, four-plexes and six-plexes.

The entire community will be laid out as a walkable community with massive job creation district. The city's "job creation zone" is dedicated to bringing more medical jobs to an area dominated by the VA Medical Center. The zone was accepted by the city council from the federal government with the intention of making a job creation engine for North Las Vegas.


"We're expecting this project to allow future businesses to see where their labor force is going to come from," Mayor John Lee said.

The total project will take three to five years to complete once the development firm, Touchstone Living, receives permits from the city.

The neighborhood will be a designed for young families and couples, an idea reminiscent of the housing booms of the 1950s that placed housing developments in and near economic districts. The intent, according to Dustin Manning, the vice president of Touchstone Living, is for the homes to be affordable for young couples and families, although no formal price range has been defined yet.

This new development will bring even more housing to the Las Vegas area that is beginning to see the establishment of several housing projects that will include developments throughout the region, most of which combine housing with job development and/or retail districts.

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