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Refreshing Facts on Summerlin's Water Supply

There are many benefits to living in one of the communities located within Summerlin or in the surrounding areas. With the amendments added to the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1986 (originally enacted in 1974), Summerlin's drinking water is clear of even the smallest readings of lead and other contaminants. With the national news coverage of Flint's water contamination starting back in 2014, this information should bring further peace of mind for those persons living in Summerlin or looking to purchase a home in one of the Summerlin communities such as The Vistas, The Arbors, The Mesa, Siena, Tournament and Eagle hills, and much more.

With plumbing construction standards being greatly improved 30 years ago, Summerlin's water was mentioned in a recent mailer: "You can drink your tap water with confidence. Southern Nevada's drinking water meets or surpasses all state and federal Safe Drinking Water Act Standards." The Southern Nevada Water Authority has a team of experts to monitor the water to go along with top notch water-treatment processes.

The youth of Summerlin is the strongest factor in providing this peace of mind related to the water that supplies the community. Having a strong focus on limited lead and copper in modern day pipes means that the master planned community located in Las Vegas was able to be constructed with safety in mind. So now in addition to the amenities and gorgeous homes that are located in Summerlin, current and future residents can also sleep well at night knowing that the water they drink is up to the nation's highest standards.

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