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Triple-A Baseball Has Arrived In Summerlin

The Las Vegas Aviators, the city's Triple-A baseball team, will be at the heart of a new economic boom in the city of Summerlin, according to the hopes of the locals. With about 70 games over the summer, the minor league team's $150 million Las Vegas Ballpark will be a hub of activity in the midst of a 22,000-acre master-planned community.

The home opener on April 9 against Sacramento sold out in seconds!

The ballpark is sandwiched between Red Rock Resort and City National Arena where the Golden Knight's practice.


The new stadium, located just off the 215, is easy to access from the entire region. With the NHL season ending, the businesses around City National Arena are accustomed to a summer slump. The addition of baseball all summer long will help to alleviate that slump, bringing customers from all over the region.

The traditionally lower prices of Triple-A baseball tickets make this an affordable family activity that is wholesome and out in the open air. With tickets available for many games at just $15.00 per seat, the Aviators represent a throwback to affordable, wholesome family entertainment.

Local restaurants and shop owners are looking forward to even a modest increase in sales during the summer, recognizing that crowds for the baseball stadium might not be as large as the Golden Knights crowds, but happy to accept even the smallest assistance in growing the summer business.

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