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West Henderson Real Estate Is Booming

In the southern end of the Las Vegas valley is a housing boom. The western portion of Henderson is the site of massive housing growth. There are at least 36 projects that have been completed or are on the books for the area. These projects cover over 1,000 acres and include almost 7,000 homes, according to a report for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Some of the growth is industrial, including a 600,000-square foot Amazon distribution center and the Raiders practice center and headquarters. There are projects that include over 157 mixed-use acres that will include retail and a new manufacturing facility for Haas Automation.

The growth is expected to continue and even pick up over the next three decades. The population of west Henderson is only about 13,000 now, but is expected to explode to 63,000 by mid-century.

Housing, commercial, & industrial development is expected to cause the population to more than quadruple within 30 years.

There are a number of factors that make this area desirable.

One is that it's easier to get to the area from Southern California than the rest of the valley. This means that truckers can drop their loads in west Henderson faster than in North Las Vegas.

Another major factor is that there is still land available. Much of the valley is over-built or already spoken for, but west Henderson still has large tracts of land that can be developed.

West Henderson will continue to grow. That will bring jobs and money to the area, but of course, it's not all wonderful. It will also bring traffic and congestion to the area. Look for west Henderson to become a powerhouse in the state in the next couple of decades.

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